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I recently engaged the BookCoversClub to provide me with a title for my new novel, Cold Comfort. I’m delighted with the result and the way they patiently worked with me until we had the design correct. If you are after prompt, professional and affordable cover design, the BookCoversClub is who I recommend.
Trevor Douglas
Readers are first drawn to pick up 7 Twisted Mysteries to Die For from my sales rack of five other books. I know this book has reader draw power because Chiara Girardelli (designer at BookCoversClub) designed its intriguing book cover . It was a pleasure to work with her to find the perfect cover for my short stories.
George W. Clever

So here's something I've been pondering #WritingCommunity

I'm always curious on what made people think of their villain. So what inspired your Antagonist? 😀

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