7 Twisted Mysteries
to Die For

by George W. Clever

Book can be found on Amazon
Or the website www.cleverartandbooks.com

Book Accolades (Quotes)

Here are but a few of the printable accolades (quotes):
“These stories are scary. The author is scary.”…Mom
“Good book to read when you are starting a fire.”…Aunt Rosie
“Stories from an ABnormal brain.”…..Uncle Frank N. Stein
“We have taken away all his sharp pencils.”…..Dr. Dan


We designed the front and back covers for the book 7 Twisted Mysteries to Die For” and delivered them in formats suitable for printing and for the web. Here’s what the author says about us:
“Readers are first drawn to pick up 7 Twisted Mysteries to Die For from my sales rack of five other books. I know this book has reader draw power because Chiara Girardelli (designer at BookCoversClub) designed its intriguing book cover . It was a pleasure to work with her to find the perfect cover for my short stories.”