BookCoversClub FAQs

Does BookCoversClub offer other graphic or web design services?

The BookCoversClub team specialises in all types of design services including graphic design, brand identity, logo design, UI/UX design and web design.

If you would like to hire us please contact us via the form on the contact page to discuss your project.

How are your book covers made?

Our book covers are made using free stock photography, licensed under The Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication and other similar liberal licenses.

Are your book covers unique?

All book covers available on BookCoversClub are unique and exclusively available on our website. Our pre-made book covers are only sold once and then removed from our store to ensure that no two book covers will be exactly the same.

What format will I be sent my book cover in?

Book covers are sent in formats suitable for e-book (1600x2400px 72dpi) and print (6×9 300dpi). Other formats and sizes are available on request.

What options do you provide for spine and back covers?

You can see our range of services for spine and back covers in our shop at . To purchase a spine or back cover, add one to your cart before you checkout.

Can I make alterations to a pre-made book cover?

You can request minor changes to the cover free of charge, such as fonts, text position and text colors. If you require major changes to a pre-made book cover, you will be sent a quotation and the work will follow the same process used for custom book covers design.

What is the cost of creating a custom book cover?

Custom book covers typically cost between $150 and $400 dollars depending on the client’s wishes.

How does the process of creating a custom book cover work?

The process for creating a custom book cover involves 3 phases: the briefing phase, the design phase and the review phase.

In the briefing phase we discuss with the client about their ideas for the book cover and the theme of their book. At this stage, we decide with the client which images or photographs they would like to be used in the book cover and will also be able to offer a quotation and time scale for the work.

Next comes the design phase, where our designers get to work on your cover. You’ll be in contact with us throughout this stage as we craft out your cover.

In the review phase, we ask for your feedback on the design and we work on tweaks, changes and the typography of your cover. We can do as many changes as you like. No cover is finished until you are completely happy with it.

What payment methods can I use to purchase?

We accept payments via PayPal only.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I make a payment?

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay via PayPal using any major credit card by following the instructions at checkout.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please contact us for these details.